elijah 2019

Position: Lecturer
Plant  Science
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Kenyatta University , Nairobi
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Books and Books Chapters

  • Book  ISBN 978-620-2-06648-8(2)– MSC thesis converted into a book published by Lambert publishers in 2017 Impact of prescribed burning and defoliation pressure on herbaceous forage production

 Conference Papers

  • Agroecological Agriculture: A Key To Safe And Nutritious Food: Case Study Of Lari Sub-County In Kiambu County, Central Kenya  -  1st international food safety conference – Kenyatta university – 20-24th May 2019
  • Presented a paper at the Society for Economic Botany annual conference held at NMK, Nairobi on 8th December 2018 - Ethno-Botanical Survey and Assessment of Species Diversity in Kivaa and Ntugi Watersheds in Eastern Kenya
  • Presented paper in Food Safety Conference held at Kenyatta University on 20-24th May 2019 : Agroecological Agriculture: A Key To Adequate, Safe and Nutritious Food: Case Study of Lari Sub-County In Kiambu County, Central Kenya

Research Work, publications, and consultancies 

  • Karugia E.K., F.W. Kariuki and J.W. Mwaniki, 2022. Impact of climatic and edaphic factors on resilience and herbage production among key forage species in Kivaa and Ntugi Rangelands in Eastern Kenya. Unpublished PhD thesis.
  • Karugia E. K. 2020. Impact soil physical factors on productivity of herbaceous forage species in Kivaa and Ntugi watersheds in Eastern Kenya. African Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (Issue 2)
  • Karugia E.K. 2019. Agroecology, a key to safe and Nutritious foods: Case study of Lari sub-county in Kiambu County, Central Kenya. ICE Report.
  • Karugia E. K. 2015. Efficient and effective irrigation water management in arid and semi-arid lands – case study of Kenire in Ishiara, Embu County
  • Kigomo, M. K., D. N. Muigai and E. K. Karugia, 2014. Evaluation of project on Protection of Kathita River Ecosystem and establishment of Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas’ (ICCAs) working group in Mt. Kenya East Region. ICE Report 2014.
  • Kariuki F. and E. Karugia, 2013. Application of spirituality in Ecosystems Protection. Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) Annual Report 2013.
  • Kariuki, F. and E. Karugia, 2012. Documentation of Sacred Natural Sites and their impact on environmental conservation and livelihoods in Kivaa Location, Machakos County, Kenya. Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE) Annual Report 2012.
  • Karugia, E.K. 2007. Impact of Prescribed Burning and Defoliation Pressure on Forage Biomass Productionin Kiboko, Southern Kenya. MSc Thesis, Kenyatta University.


  • Founder member, Institute for Culture and Ecology(ICE)
  • Founder Member, Hope and Beyond Foundation
  • Member, Society for Economic Botany-Kenya Chapter


  • Working with community groups to conserve critical ecosystems
  • Mentoring young people
  • Supporting the underprivileged in the society