Title/Qualifications: Associate Proffesor PhD.
Department of Zoological Sciences.
Contact Address:
Kenyatta University, P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
 Position: Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Entomology
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Conferences Presentations

  • Kokwaro Elizabeth, Michael Kahato, Oging’o Dalmas & Gicheru Michael (2015) Intermittent Irrigation and Cow dung as an Alternative Strategy for Rice Production in Ahero Irrigation Scheme, Kenya.

  • Kokwaro, E., Boera P. &Kariuki, F. (2013) Nutrient Analysis of Fish and Fisheries Wastes for Value Addition into Aqua Feeds

  • Daniel Munywoki, Joseph Mwangangi, Elizabeth Kokwaro & Charles Mbogo (2013) Insecticide resistance monitoring in malaria vectors in Kilifi County, a long the coastal Kenya

  • Kokwaro, E.D., Aseka, E., Ogingo, D. and Ong’amo, G. (2012) Lake Victoria mollusc shells: species diversity, abundance, distribution and the potential for community livelihood in Kenya

  • Improving Food Security and Human health through Integration of Organic Manure and Medicinal Plants into Rice Paddies in Ahero.3rd-6th May 2011

  • Utilization of freshwater molluscan shells in sustainable community livelihood around Lake Victoria. Aquaculture Workshop. 5-8 July, 2009, Arusha.

  • Mollusc shells as a potential source of livelihood for the riparian communities along L. Victoria. 1st Kenyatta University Conference. 28-30th April, 2009, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Value addition to Lake Victoria mollusc shells for sustainable community livelihood around the basin. BIO-EARN/VCRES Scientific Conference. 24-26th November, 2008- Kampala, Uganda.
  • Improving food security and human health through integration of livestock, medicinal plants and water management to combat mosquito vectors in Ahero rice paddies. Commission for Higher Education Research Dissemination Workshop 26th-31st August, 2008- Mombasa, Kenya.
  • Value-addition to fresh water mollusc shells in sustainable community livelihood around Lake Victoria Basin. 5th VicRes Annual Forum, 19-25th May 2008, Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Networking and linkages: Sharing Information. Gender Training Workshop, Kenya School of Monetary Studies.20-22nd February 2008
  • Utilization of Lake Victoria mollusc shells in ornamentation. 4th VicRes Annual Forum, 19-25th May 2007, Jinja, Uganda.
  • Value-addition to fresh water mollusk shells for sustainable community livelihood around Lake Victoria. African Ministeral Council for Science and Technology Exhibition, 12-17th November 2007, Mombasa.
  • Utilization of freshwater molluscan shells in sustainable community livelihood around Lake Victoria. 3rd VicRes Annual General Meeting, 1-3 May, 2006, Kisumu.
  • Virus particles in the male accessory reproductive glands of Glossina morsitans morsitans and associated tissue changes: Ultra structural study. 15TH Biannual Congress of the Association of Insect Scientists (AAIS), ICIPE, Duduville. 9th-13th June 2003
  • Comparative infectivity to cattle by Theileria parva stabilates prepared from ticks fed in vitro and those fed on cattle. 15TH Bi-annual Congress of the Association of Insect 2 Scientists (AAIS), ICIPE, Duduville. 9th-13th June 2003
  • In vitro feeding of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus nymphs and its application in the production of Theileria parva stabilates. 2nd African Acarology Symposium, Novel Approaches to Tick and Mite management in the new Millennium, ICIPE, Duduville, 3rd –7th Dec.2001.
  • Reproduction in tsetse flies. IFIAS planning workshop for Women in Science and Development. Toronto, Canada, March 19th – 21st 1991 Salivary glands of the Tsetse, Glossina morsitans and G. pallidipes Infected with trypanosomes, virus and rickettsia- like organisms. Symposium on Insect Pest and Sustainable food Production in Africa. Lusaka, Zambia. 4th – 8th December, 1989.
  • Mortalities and lesions caused by Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisophliae infections on adult Tsetse, Glossina morsitan. International Study workshop on Tsetse population and behaviour 6th-11th August 1989, ICIPE, DuduVille.
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  •  Insect Pests. Fourth All African Conference of Business and Professional Women. 1978, Nairobi