Kenyatta University-Transport
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About Us

It was started in August, 1985 when the presidential assent was made and the institution was made a full-fledged University. Transport Section has evolved over a period of time from being a unit to a section. It has been led by various heads and currently Mr. Joseph G. Mwangi is the Acting Transport Manager


  • The Transport section of Kenyatta University is responsible for all transport services, carries out preventive maintenance of machinery and mechanical equipment related to the University transport pool.
  • The Section is responsible for providing vehicles to University students and staff. Requisition form is available online and can be sent through internal Mail. It is advisable to contact the Transport Office to confirm the availability of vehicles before sending in a requisition form. The applicants fill the transport requisition form 14 days before the date of travel.
  • Facilitate Motor vehicle repairs.
  • Allocate duties to staff members in the section on daily basis.
  • Facilitate the procurement of new motor vehicles, machineries, spares/service parts and fuel
  • Develop technical specifications for purchase of spares/service parts