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Transport Service Irregularities

  1. Work ticket not carried in the motor vehicle
  2. Journey not authorized
  3. Journey authorized but unlawful
  4. Driver’s name not reflected on the work ticket
  5. Time out not shown
  6. Driver’s number not reflected against the journey
  7. Speedo reading not enterded on previous journey
  8. Previous journey details incomplete
  9. Vehicle’s number not entered in the work ticket
  10. Previous month work ticket not replaced with the current month
  11. Previous journey details insufficient recorded
  12. Work ticket badly maintained
  13. No specimen signature of autorizing officer
  14. Journey performed not endorsed in the work ticket
  15. Kilometers at the end of the journey not shown
  1. Vehicle off authorized route
  2. Carrying unauthorized passsengers
  3. Carrying non–governmental goods
  4. Carrying officers to or from duty & vice versa
  5. Speedometer not working
  6. Ministry/Department not printed on the side of vehicle
  7. Vehicle unattended in public place
  8. Vehicle parked outside bar, rest or private place
  9. Traffic/Criminal offence disclosed for prosecution
  10. Driver not allowed to drive a GK/Para Vehicle
  11. Vehicle fitted with worn out tires
  12. Taking officers for lunch
  13. Vehicles without number plates
  14. Advance authorization of a journey
  15. Vehicle kept at unsecured place overnight
  16. Operating after working hours
  17. Operating on a weekend/public holiday without authority
  18. Failing to renew driving licence
  19. Officer driving him/herself without authority
  20. Operating a parastatal vehicle with civilian number plate
  21. Towing a civilian motor vehicle
  22. Dropping or picking an officer from residence to work and vice versa without authority letter from parent ministry
  23. Failing to stop when stopped by a Police Officer in uniform
  24. Failing to fasten safety belts
  25. Failing to carry driving license

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